Level 4


5th in state on floor    

10th All Around

 Sam    Level 5 

6th Floor

9th Vault       

​9th All Around

Level 4


5th in state on vault

8th in state on floor

Regional Winner 2018

Level 5


3rd in the region on vault 
4th in the region on high bar
8th in the region on floor

11th in the region for AA

Eli        Level 4

8th Rings

10th All Around

For information about joining our boys USAG team contact Coach Dan at dancarygym@gmail.com

Regional Winners 2019

Level 5

6th in the region on vault 
11th in the region on floor

Danny​​                                                           8th in the region on vault 

Joey    Level 4

6th Vault 


Reiver     Level 6

8th Vault


 Mav     Level 4  

6th Pommel

7th Rings

7th High Bar

8th All Around       

Justin     Level 5

5th Vault


2018-2019 State Winners

Level 4


4th in state on vault

Lucas H    Level 5

9th Pommel


2017-2018 State Winners

Anthony   Level 6

2nd High Bar

5th Pommel 

Level 5


State floor CHAMPION   State high bar CHAMPION  7th in state on p bars    10th in state on pommel     10th in state on rings    3rd All Around    

Karl     Level 4  

STATE CHAMP on Pommel 

8th P Bars

9th High Bar

4th All Around       

Cary Gymnastics


Level 4


7th in state on vaul


600 Industrial Dr. unit I Cary IL 60013 US